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Electrofusion Welding

Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) has a range of quality piping supplies and equipment for customers who need supplies in Victoria, the ACT and Southern New South Wales. Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) are also experts when it comes to all things electrofusion welding.


Here at Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) we stock the Innogaz 39.5V electrofusion system. Innogaz are Europe's leading manufacturer of polyethylene fittings for pressure applications, they have over 25 years experience in the electrofusion field providing quality pipeline solutions to the world. Innogaz is recognised as a premium supplier of electrofusion machines to the gas market, fire services, portable water and industrial market sectors.


Electrofusion Welding
Welding Sleeves - Wavi Solo


Innogaz 39.5V Electrofusion Welding Machine


39.5V Connexion welders made by Caldertech vary the amperage to minimise weld times, thus providing a smart and robust solution for fast and effective on site installations.


Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) stocks an extensive range of covers from 20mm right through to massive 400mm pieces. We have a range of compatible pieces including; sockets, elbows, tees, reducers, branch, and tapping saddles.


Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) provides our valued customers with pipe preparation tooling and electrofusion welding machines for purchase or hire. Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) also provides our customers with electrofusion machine repair and recalibration services.


Electrofusion Welding
39.5v Electrofusion Sockets


Range Of Piping Products


Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) offers our customers so much more than just the best electrofusion welding machine equipment; we also offer a huge range of additional piping products and expert advice.


Established in 1994 Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) has nearly 20 years experience in the piping product supply business. We have pipe systems that are suitable for a range of end-uses including; trade waste drainage, chilled water, portable water, wastewater, chemical lines, gases, sewerage mains, slurry lines, fire mains, irrigation, pumping stations and many, many more.


On top of our standard product range we also supply our clients with custom fabrication of made-to-fit polyethylene piping. So no matter the piping job, big or small, straightforward or difficult, Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) has the right piping solutions and advice for you.


Electrofusion Welding
39.5v Electrofusion Tapping Saddles


Call Us Today For All Of Your Piping And Electrofusion Machine Needs


What are you waiting for? If you're in Victoria, the ACT or Southern New South Wales and you need the supply and expert advice of the leading piping and electrofusion machine outfit then you need Advanced Piping Systems (Vic). Call us today on 1800 634 644 so we can provide a piping system solution for you.


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