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Pipe Fittings

When it comes to professional supply of polyethylene pipe fittings there is one name that stands above the rest when it comes to quality poly pipe fittings and advice; Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) are Victoria, the ACT and Southern New South Wales' premier poly pipe fittings suppliers.


Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) is a fully family owned and operated business that has nearly 20 years experience providing superior supply of poly pipe fittings to our customers. Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) has been supplying our customers since 1994, and we have built a name that our customers trust to provide outstanding products and expert advice.


Pipe Fittings Buttweld Reducers Pipe Fittings Buttweld Stub Flanges


The Best Poly Pipe Fittings


If you're a commercial plumber, a mining outfit or operator, or you work in the irrigation or industrial sectors, Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) is the place to go for all of your poly pipe fittings. We stock a complete range of Wavin poly pipe fittings that will fit just about any job.


Innogaz are on of Europe's leading manufacturer of quality poly pipe fittings, supplying the best poly pipe fittings to the world. Their range of HDPE poly pipe fittings are suitable for the transport of aggressive and corrosive fluids; they are exceptionally chemical and impact resistant, flexible and robust. They also have excellent UV resistance, temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, and have self cleaning bore surfaces.


These poly pipe fittings are suitable for use in commercial kitchens, hospitals and even industrial processing plants.


Our range of poly pipe fittings are sure to fit your job, Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) supplies a range of drainpipes, welding sleeves, bends, swept bends, segmented bends, traps, branches, elbows and reducers and many more poly pipe fitting parts.


Pipe Fittings Junction 45° Pipe Fittings Sweep Bends 90°


Custom Made Poly Pipe Fittings


On top of our extensive range of Innogaz poly pipe fittings we also offer our customers made-to-order custom pieces. So no matter how labyrinthine your piping system, Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) will have the right range of parts to fill your order.


Pipe Fittings Manifold


Contact Us Today About Your Poly Pipe Fittings Project


If you're a poly pipe fittings user or installer and you want the best products on the market coupled with expert advice and experience then you need the superior products and advice from Advanced Piping Systems (Vic). Call us today so we can find the solution to your latest ploy pipe fittings project.


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