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Plumbing Pipe

Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) are PE100 plumbing pipe professionals, as we specialise in quality non-corrosive plastic plumbing piping systems servicing a wide range of customers. Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) provides poly plumbing pipe solutions to commercial plumbers, the mining sector, irrigation installers, and other industrial market sectors.


At Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) we are committed to providing our customers with the best range of polyethylene plumbing pipe and fittings on the market, matched with class-leading customer service and product knowledge. If you're a professional who operates out of Victoria, the ACT or Southern New South Wales, then you need the superior HDPE plumbing pipe products and service of Advanced Piping Systems (Vic).


Plumbing Pipe
Polyethylene Pipe


Extensive Plumbing Pipe Range


At Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) our range of plumbing pipe products is vast and the options almost endless, no matter what you need plumbing pipe for, chances are that Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) will have the right plumbing pipe product for you.


Take for instance our complete range of Wavin HDPE plumbing pipe. HDPE drainage systems are great for all trade waste and sewerage applications and they have exceptional chemical and impact resistance. HDPE is also notable for its flexibility and longevity, meaning it can be installed in a number of configurations that will stand up to the harshest of conditions for a long time.


Some of the other suitable applications of HDPE plumbing pipe include; transport of aggressive fluids in laboratories and transport of corrosive waste, syphonic roof drainage, sewer rehabilitation, trade waste from commercial kitchens, hospitals and industrial processing plants and many, many more.


HDPE is just one of the excellent range of plumbing pipe Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) stock. Whatever you need from your plumbing pipe, we have it covered.


Plumbing Pipe
Plumbing Pipe


Extensive Plumbing Pipe Experience


Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) is a family owned and operated business that has been operating for over 15 years with close to 20 years' experience supplying poly plumbing pipe solutions to Victoria, ACT and Southern NSW. When you employ the services of Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) you're employing a service that comes backed with years of experience and expertise in the niche field of plumbing pipe supply.


The friendly and professional staff at Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) are committed to providing you with quick, effective service of the highest possible standard.


If you're planning your next plumbing pipe project or have an emergency and need advice or supply, give the team at Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) a call, we're sure we'll be able to find the solution to all of your plumbing pipe problems.


Enquire Now On 1800 634 644