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Products > Rollmaplast Electrofusion System

Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) offers Rollmaplast, a constant current electrofusion system. This lightweight system is suited to potable water and industrial installations ie: water treatment plants. The cubo electrofusion welding unit auto recognises Rollmaplast fittings negating the need for scanning or manual data input.


This quality system ranges from 20mm – 315mm including sockets, elbows, reducers, tees, branch and tapping saddles and the Rollmaplast specific, cubo electrofusion welding machine available for purchase of hire.


Electrofusion Sockets LI Electrofusion Sockets LI (Ezyline) Electrofusion Elbows 90 Degrees Electrofusion Elbows 90° LI
Electrofusion Elbows 45 Degree Electrofusion Elbows 45° LI Electrofusion Equal Tees Electrofusion Equal Tees LI
Electrofusion Reducers Electrofusion Reducers LI Electrofusion Tapping Saddles Electrofusion Tapping Saddles LI
Electrofusion Branch Saddles Electrofusion Branch Saddles LI Cubo Electrofusion Control Units Cubo Electrofusion Control Units LI *
Spare Parts for Cubo Electrofusion Welding Units Spare Parts for Cubo Electrofusion Welding Units    


* These machines are available for purchase or hire.