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Product Catalogue

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Products > Tools & Pipe Preparation Equipment

Advanced Piping Systems (Vic) focuses on providing state-of-the-art pipe preparation equipment, which is imperative to quality installations. Our range includes – rotary pipe scrapers, hand scrapers and isowipe cleaning towels to complete the pipe preparation essentials.


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20-63mm Rotary Scrapers

20-63mm Rotary Scrapers

Hand Scrapers Hand Scrapers *
Isowipes Isowipes Hand Scraper Replacement Blades Hand Scraper Replacement Blades (4 sided)
63-225mm Rotary Scrapers 63-225mm Rotary Scrapers * Rotary Scraper Replacement Blades Rotary Scraper Replacement Blades
50-160mm Rotary Scrapers NEW
50-160mm Rotary Scrapers
75-315mm Rotary Scrapers NEW
75-315mm Rotary Scrapers
355-710mm Rotary Scrapers NEW
355-710mm Rotary Scrapers


* These machines are available for purchase or hire.